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Looking at Locations

        Location and lighting are everything when it comes to beautiful photos. That's why I have my favorite locations for you to choose from. These have been carefully handpicked over 8 years of scouting locations with you in mind. Here's a couple things I look for when it comes to picking my location. Whether you're a fellow photographer or a client looking for the best spot for your next photoshoot here's my requirements:

- The location needs to have cell service. Even with google pins and maps sent ahead of time there's always a chance of getting lost at the meet up. Having the opportunity to connect through our phones is crucial. Sorry Goat Rock beach! 

- The place we take our pictures needs to be close to the parking lot. With little feet and limited time this is a must. 

- The location needs to have lots of light during the sunset. 

- The location needs to a good balance of being removed from society but not abandoned. I don't want telephone lines, trash cans, cars competing for the attention in your photos. I also don't want to be all alone in the woods with only the squirrels. Several people out walking their dogs in the background is comforting for me, and I'm sure it is for my clients too. 

           I hope this helps paint a better picture as to why I give a list of locations to choose from. 

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