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My name is Kaitlin Elliott and I've been in love with photography as long as I can remember and I am so grateful that I can call it my full-time profession for the last 7 years.


My husband gifted me my first camera our first year of marriage and set in motion my confidence to pursue this art as career ever since. 

We have two little ones that daily remind of us of the gift that life is and that each moment is to be carefully handled with loved and cherished. 

I was born in Sonoma County, and my amazing parents then raised our family in the Central Valley. Like most, my childhood is remembered in my heart but cherished through our photos. My mama always had her camera handy and film canisters were often rattling around in her GAP purse about to get developed. I know my artist's eye comes truly from her!


My dad owned his own business and loved on the greater Modesto area by providing quality roofs through Master Roofing Company. For me, getting to run a business, meet new families, and connect with returners over the span of years is truly a joy.


In the beginning of 2017 my husband had an opportunity to work as the lead worship leader for a Community Church in Santa Rosa. We excitedly packed up and moved our life, business, and family to Sonoma County. Getting to reconnect with an area both of my parents grew up in has been a gift and the beautiful landscapes  have been oh so fun for my photographer's heart.


The people in this area are so special- from the families that have owned vineyards and produce wine for generations, or their amazing love for horticulture, or their love for nature and wildlife. Just by being here almost 4 years I have learned so much from all my new friends. And with all that this area has endured whether that be multiple disastrous fire seasons or COVID the people here continue to adjust, press on, love and provide an amazing life for their families and their community. 

Thank you to all the families that have allowed me to capture the beautiful moments in life. I love seeing how YOUR personality is able to come out during our photo sessions. While my goal might be to have a consistent thread of lightness, softness, and dreaminess to our photos we take together I leave margin for each photograph to be uniquely YOU- organic moments with your family, your love story, your chemistry, and the joy of the particular season of life that you are in. 

You are beautiful: your family, your life, and the moments that God has given. It's just my job to show it!

 Photo by B. Schwartz Photography

"For of Him and through Him and for Him are all things to Whom be the glory forever. Amen." 

{ROMANS 11:36}